Our Story


Who we are..

We are the Doodle Loves Events Team.

We are a family run business which was officially launched in 2016.

Our family is our world so why we thought, why not work together to help bring other people happiness on their special day (I mean who else will love and care for each others work?)

As 3 happily married ex-bride-to-be’s, we know how exciting, hectic, expensive but special planning a wedding, birthday party, baby shower or any other event is!

Who am I?..


My name is Jo Butler (Cachia) and I am the company owner. I have recently married myself so know how hard it can be juggling work, life and a wedding!

Me and my little Doodle Loves Reps are always hard at work trying to expand and improve our services in which we offer to our Customers!

As mentioned these reps are more than staff, they are my family. They are my lovely sister in laws Sam Butler and Sian Butler.


Left Sam, Centre Jo, Right Sian

I have grown up within a family of singers. In fact, I have spent the best parts of my life performing for people ensuring that guests have a good time!. I grew up singing in pubs, clubs, bars, weddings, funerals.. you name it I did it.. 🙂

How Doodle Loves was formed…

In 2014 my lovely husband got down on 1 knee, in front of our daughter Esme (nick named Doodles) and he finally proposed!… I then started on my quest as a bright eyed bushy tailed ‘bride to be’. I found many companies during my quest… some great, some good and some not so good..

I felt a little disheartened at times. I met some companies that just didn’t make me feel special or I felt that they just didn’t share my passion? Some were very expensive (such as £90 per candelabra hire?!!), some that wouldn’t take the time out to meet me, some that just did not make it feel personal to me?

So after experiencing all of this.. I decided to help some of my fellow brides whilst singing at their weddings to provide them with some of their wedding decor. So I bought a candy cart.

And then another, and then some candelabras.. and then.. well, that is how Doodles Loves was created 🙂

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